Bird Records Accepted - 2013

The following records were accepted for 2013:

Species Number Age, Sex Location County First date Last date Observers
Spoonbill One Juvenile Strangford Lough Down 11-Nov-13 Billy Miskelly
Golden Oriole One Female Island Hill Down 15-Nov-13 Stephan Grief
Surf Scoter One First-winter male South of GarronPoint Antrim 29-Dec-13 Neal Warnock
Red-necked Grebe One Greyabbey Bay South, Strangford Lough Down 14-Oct-13 24-Nov-13 James Robinson
Montagu's Harrier One First-summer Star Bog Antrim 20-Jun-13 21-Jun-13 Bill Guiller
Wilson's Phalarope One Juvenile moulting to first-winter Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve Down 25-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Gerard McGeehan
Crane One Adult Roe Estuary and Myroe Londonderry 29-Sep-13 01-Nov-13 Keith Bennett
Hoopoe One Greencastle, Carlingford Lough Down 17-Oct-13 Joe Devlin
American Golden Plover

One Juvenile Strangford Lough (Floodgates and Kirkiston) Down 27-Oct-13 03-Nov-13 Richard Weyl
Montagu's Harrier One First-summer male Lough Cowey and Ballyherly Lough Down 12-May-13 14-May-13 Keith Bennett
Snowy Owl One Probably first-year male Pettigo Plateau Fermanagh 10-Feb-13 15-Feb-13 Brad Robson
Hoopoe One Craigantlet Down 28-Apr-13 Mr. Rountree
Lesser Scaup One Male Kinnegoe Bay, Oxford Island Armagh 03-Feb-13 07-Apr-13 Ed O'Hara
Cattle Egret One Adult Randalstown Antrim 23-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 R Weir
Hobby One Male Brackagh Moss Armagh 25-Jul-13 16-Aug-13 Mark Killops
Hobby One County Armagh Armagh 04-Jul-13 P Allen
Avocet Three Considered juvenile Knockinelder Bay, Outer Ards Down 10-Sep-13 Keith Bennett
Wilson's Phalarope One Juvenile/first-winter Lough Beg Londonderry 08-Sep-13 15-Sep-13 Cairan Burns
Subalpine Warbler One First-year female Copeland Bird Observatory Down 26-May-13 Shane Wolsey

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