Rarity Description Species

The following species require a description. This list is kept under review. Decisions on whether species are kept on this list are affected by eg number of records, difficulty in identification, changes in occurrences etc :

White-billed Diver Stilt Sandpiper Icterine Warbler
Red-necked Grebe Buff-breasted Sandpiper  Melodious Warbler
Fea's Petrel Snipe* Subalpine Warbler
Cory's Shearwater Great Snipe Barred Warbler
Little Shearwater Long-billed Dowitcher Lesser Whitethroat
Wilson's Petrel Upland Sandpiper
Bittern Greater Yellowlegs Pallas's Warbler
American Bittern Lesser Yellowlegs Red-breasted Flycatcher
Little Bittern Spotted Sandpiper Golden Oriole
Night Heron Wilson's Phalarope Red-backed Shrike
Squacco Heron Red-necked Phalarope Great Grey Shrike
Great White Egret Laughing Gull Woodchat Shrike
White Stork Franklin's Gull Two-barred Crossbill
Glossy Ibis Bonaparte's Gull Scarlet Rosefinch
Bean Goose Lesser Black-backed Gull* Hawfinch
Snow Goose Herring Gull* Black and White Warbler
Ruddy Shelduck American Herring Gull Scarlet Tanager
American Wigeon Caspian Gull Fox Sparrow
Baikal Teal Thayer's Gull White-throated Sparrow
Blue-winged Teal Ross's Gull Dark-eyed Junco
Ferruginous Duck Ivory Gull Ortolan Bunting
Lesser Scaup Gull-billed Tern Rustic Bunting
King Eider Elegant Tern Little Bunting
Surf Scoter Foster's Tern Black-headed Bunting
Hooded Merganser White-winged Black Tern
Honey Buzzard Pallas's Sandgrouse
Black Kite Great Spotted Cuckoo
White-tailed Eagle Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Bald Eagle Black-billed Cuckoo
Rough-legged Buzzard Scops Owl *  Notes –  
Golden Eagle Snowy Owl
Booted Eagle Nightjar  Snipe – subspecies other
Red-footed Falcon Pallid Swift than gallinago
Hobby Alpine Swift
Gyr Falcon Belted Kingfisher Lesser Black-backed Gull -
Spotted Crake Bee-eater  subspecies other than
Common Crane Roller garellsii
Black-winged Stilt Short-toed Lark Herring Gull, subspecies other than argenteus / argentatus
Stone Curlew Wood Lark
Collared Pratincole Shore Lark Rock Pipit – only the
Black-winged Pratincole Red-rumped Swallow subspecies littoralis
Little Ringed Plover Richard's Pipit
Kildeer Tawny Pipit Yellow Wagtail – subspecies
Kentish Plover Tree Pipit other than flavissima
Dotterel Red-throated Pipit
American Golden Plover Rock Pipit*
Pacific Golden Plover Water Pipit
Semipalmated Sandpiper Yellow Wagtail*
Temminck's Stint Nightingale
White-rumped Sandpiper Bluethroat
Baird's Sandpiper White's Thrush
Broad-billed Sandpiper  American Robin

If you notice any errors (or wish to suggest changes) in the above, please let us know at nibarc@live.com

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