How to Submit a Record

We would like to maintain as complete a record of rarities reported in Northern Ireland as possible.To that end, we welcome records submitted in (almost) any form, as long as it is electronic. This includes word documents or pdfs of scanned field notes. However, we would greatly prefer records submitted on the Report form provided ( which we have tried to make as easy and quick as possible to complete. Failing that, we are happy to accept submissions via an email ( that includes the following information:

Contact Details
Species seen
Location (inc County)
Optics used
Description - try to provide as much information as possible and in particular, highlight differences observed with likely confusion \ similar species. Photographs, no matter the quality are also welcome.
Evidence \ Experience of species

Records are more likely to be accepted if they contain sufficient detail to establish the identify of the species claimed. A lack of evidence (ie insufficient detail) is far and away the most common reason for non-acceptance so please bear this in mind when you submit a record

As with any record considered by the Committee, re-assessment is always a possibility in the light of additional evidence been received.

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