Records accepted for 2010

The following records were accepted for 2010:

Species Number, age, sex Location County First date Last date Observers
Red-necked Grebe Adult Ballycastle Antrim 03-Jan-10 Geoff Campbell
Water Pipit One Drumfad Bay Down 24-Jan-10 09-Apr-10 Richard Weyl
Little Auk One The Maidens Antrim 06-Feb-10 David Galbraith
Little Auk One The Maidens Antrim 20-Feb-10 David Galbraith
Black-winged Stilt One Portadown Armagh 15-Jun-10 Brian Nelson
Bee-eater One Kebble, Rathlin Island Antrim 27-Jun-10 James Robinson
Laughing Gull Second summer Ballycastle Antrim 07-Jul-10 23-Aug-10 Stephen Foster
Little Ringed Plover Juvenile Lough Beg Londonderry 09-Jul-10 David Steele
Little Ringed Plover Juvenile Seagahan Dam Armagh 19-Jul-10 Clifford Sharpe
Yellow-browed Warbler One Ballycarry, Rathlin Island Antrim 14-Oct-10 Neal Warnock
Buff-breasted Sandpiper One Kirkiston Down 10-Oct-10 11-Oct-10 Gary Armstrong
Yellow-browed Warbler Juvenile Copeland Bird Observatory Down 12-Oct-10 David Galbraith
Great White Egret Adult Quoile Pondage Down 21-Aug-10 24-Aug-10 Gary Wilkinson
Richard's Pipit One Temain Hill Londonderry 10-Nov-10 David Steele
Lesser Yellowlegs One Mullagh, Lough Beg Londonderry 19-Sep-10 David Steele
Black-necked Grebe Two first winter Lough Beg Londonderry 25-Aug-10 08-Sep-10 David Steele
Glossy Ibis First winter Mullagh, Lough Beg Londonderry 17-Sep-10 David Steele
Bittern One Ballykine Lough (a) Down 17-Dec-10 Andrew Bingham
Snow Goose Adult Greyabbey Down 31-Dec-10 Richard Weyl
Lesser Canada Goose Two adult Belfast Harbour RSPB Down 06-Nov-10 Tom Ennis

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