Bird Records Accepted for 2012

Species Number, Age, Sex Location County First date Last date Observers
Richard's Pipit First winter Killard Point Down 02-Jan-12 07-Feb-12 Craig Nash
Ross's Gull Adult winter Ardglass Harbour Down 18-Jan-12 01-Feb-12 Tom Ennis, Tony Dodds
Snowy Owl One Altikeeragh Nature Reserve Antrim 08-Feb-12 13-Feb-12 P Dennison
European White-fronted Goose Adult, 3 juveniles Anne's Point/Greyabbey, Strangford Lough Down 04-Feb-12 24-Feb-12 Richard Weyl
Tundra Bean Goose One Reedy Flat, Lough Neagh Armagh 18-Feb-12 Mark Killops
Hoopoe One Rathlin Island Antrim 15-Oct-12 16-Oct-12 Len Murdock
American Buff-bellied Pipit Two Corbett's Beach Down 11-Nov-12 29-Dec-12 Dermot Hughes/per NIBARC
Surf Scoter First-winter male Carnlough Harbour Antrim 31-Oct-12 06-Nov-12 Gary Brown
Dotterel Adult female Myroe Levels, Lough Foyle Londonderry 06-May-12 13-May-12 Per NIBARC
Little Ringed Plover Adult Belfast Harbour RSPB Reserve Down 31-May-12 Jim McKeown
Glossy Ibis Immature Mouth of Colebrooke River, Upper Lough Erne Fermanagh 13-Jun-12 21-Jun-12 Brad Robson
Red-footed Falcon First-summer male Slemish Mountain Antrim 12-Jun-12 19-Jun-12 Neal Warnock
Red-footed Falcon First-summer male Montaighs Moss Antrim 24-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 Per NIBARC
White-rumped Sandpiper Juvenile Bann Estuary Londonderry 18-Aug-12 20-Aug-12 Allen Gillespie
Common Rosefinch First-year Copeland Bird Observatory Down 08-Sep-12 Chris Acheson, David Galbraith
American Buff-bellied Pipit One Carrickfergus Castle Antrim 30-Sep-12 05-Oct-12 Stuart McKee
Red-necked Grebe One Between Herring Bay and Greyabbey Bay, Strangford Lough Down 13-Jan-12 28-Feb-12 Richard Weyl
European White-fronted Goose 35 Between Derrytrasna and Ardmore, Lough Neagh Armagh 25-Feb-12 14-Mar-12 Ed O'Hara
Snow Goose Blue morph adult Goratole, Lough MacNean Fermanagh 09-Nov-12 30-Mar-13 Brad Robson
American Wigeon Male Portmore Lough Antrim 07-Apr-12 11-Apr-12 Keith Bennett
Long-billed Dowicher One Lough Beg Antrim 03-May-12 03-May-12 Richard Hunter

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